Susan Garrington


 During the first month of this year I have been busy painting small 7”x7” watercolours, ordering some new art supplies to experiment with, starting some seeds for our garden of pots this summer and trying to figure out some new way of organizing the mountain of “stuff” that has collected in my studio during the pandemic ( so far unsuccessfully).

I have also been reading ( perhaps the reason my studio is still a mess ); Flower Diary, Molly Peacock, the life of Canadian painter Mary Hiester Reid, Art and Rivalry, Carol Bishop-Gwyn, lives of Mary and Christopher Prat, Anything But A Still Life, Nathan M. Greenfield, Molly Lamb and Bruno. 


January 2022 Watercolours


All of the watercolours were imagined with the help of my sketchbooks.


i am looking forward to entering some shows this spring and will give you the details as they become known.

One of the CSPWC shows will be held at the Royal Botanical Gardens, so as well as wonderful art, you will be able to see some fabulous gardens in bloom should you decide to attend.

I hope that you have things to look forward to, wonderful books to read, and gardens to dream into being ( even if they are just in balcony pots). Create, dream, hope and plan.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this and for your ongoing support and encouragement.