Susan Garrington


(posted on 14 Feb 2018)

Hearts and flowers to you for Valentine's Day!


Here at the Garrington residence preparations for this year's London Artists' Studio Tour are well underway. I have completed lots of new paintings which are currently stored away safely while we work (not the fun kind) in the studio. A few years of hanging paintings and then moving them as they were sold then patching holes (by me) and replacing them with new paintings has resulted in a need to more carefully patch and sand (by Brian) and then to paint (again, not the fun kind). This time we decided to paint one of the walls a different colour called Hiking Trail. I can hardly wait to see how my paintings will look on this new colour! I will be so happy when the is project is finished and I can get back my studio to paint (the fun kind!). 

This year I will have paintings at The Brush and Palette Show in APRIL at St. Paul's Cathedral. To see a preview of my work for the show go to The Brush and Palette website, and check out my gallery. While you're there take a look at the work of the many talented people who are members of this club!

 And finally, my upcoming shows and events are listed on my website, . If you select Upcoming Events from the menu you will find detailed information including, venus, dates, and times.