Susan Garrington


In March, the month of my birth, our suburban garden begins to waken with snowdrops blooming, other bulbs poking through the soil and the buds on trees swelling. Then winter revisits and snow covers everything... madness threatens and then suddenly the sky is blue and the sun is shining and hope returns. The overwintering birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and a few early robins keep Merlin, my resident art critic and studio assistant, amused or annoyed depending on....well depending on who knows really? Of all the animals who have made their home with us, Merlin is the hardest to read or understand. There are rabbit tracks in the "sometimes" snow and something, ( a skunk?), is madly digging up our lawn overnight.

Inside our home we are tiptoeing through, not tulips, but stacks of paintings waiting to be delivered to various places or to be hung here for the London Artists' Studio Tour. There are still more to come from my framer, Olga Guthrie. 

I am number 31 on the London Artists' Studio Tour map this year and I hope you can visit to sample some Rhubarb Lunar Cake, watch demonstrations, enter a free raffle for a giclee print of my work, and see my paintings.

I will have paintings for sale at Regency Florists, 1080 Adelaide Street North, Unit 9, beginning March 21 as well as at the following locations.

As always, thank you for reading my newsletter and for your ongoing support.






April 21, 22, 23