Susan Garrington


(posted on 18 Nov 2023)

I suppose it it because November is the month in which we commemorate Remembrance Day, but I almost always feel nostalgic at this time of year. As November comes to an end, Christmas approaches triggering happy memories of beloved family members no longer with us. I am reminded of who we have been, of my childhood, the childhood of my daughter and later, that of my grandson. Those little people and the little person I once was, loved Christmas with such innocent carefree enthusiasm.

All of this leads me to tell you that while I reminisced, the lyrics of the song, Time In A Bottle, came to mind and with them the idea for my latest series of paintings. If you follow me on social media, you will have seen one of these paintings, Remembrance, already. I have completed six others to date and have not yet run out of steam.

I will not be posting any more paintings in this series on social media but will give you a sneak peek of a few in my newsletter in the New Year. And if you are wondering what my plans are for these paintings, I have no idea! I am enjoying the process and will continue with the series now and then again in the New year after a short hiatus over Christmas..

My studio is a busy place these days.


Time In A Bottle Series: #3, Remembrance, 12 x 24

As always, take care, and thank you for your interest and support. Talk to you next month.