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(posted on 16 Jul 2022)

We are watching as the moving van in our next door neighbour’s driveway is loaded. After living beside us for 25 years, they are moving out west to be closer to family. We are told that the house behind us, after over 45 years of being home to our neighbours, will soon be on the market too.  Change, while a part of life, is difficult to deal with sometimes and I am grateful for my family and my art, both of which provide consolation and solace.

In May I told you about the COAA exhibition in Dundas. I am thrilled to share that my painting, Heat Wave was awarded, Best Watercolour. 


Upcoming Events:


I have two paintings which were completed plein air in the Pop Up Show in The Apartment at Westland.

I am looking forward to visiting with you and demonstrating my painting techniques. Hope you can stop by and chat while you watch paint dry!


My exhibition at St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre,301 Talbot Street St. Thomas, Art In Bloom, was originally scheduled for 2020, with a different title and a different focus. Covid changed our plans. I am delighted that the show will take place August 6 to September 23, 2022, in Gallery One and Two. I am grateful to Laura Woermke for this opportunity and for her help and good humour. 

Unfortunately, due to Covid concerns, there will be no Opening or Artist’s Reception. I will be in attendance on various days and times. If you would like a list of these, please email me at

Masks and Social Distancing are required.


 I am very grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for providing an Exhibition Grant to assist with the costs involved in the exhibition.

Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter each month. Your interest and support are so very much appreciated. I enjoy your responses and questions. 

May all the changes in your life be good ones.




(posted on 4 Jun 2022)


I promised to send more information about the Plein Air Weekend in Wortley Village and The Plein Air Show Group Exhibition as it became available.

I have three plein air paintings in the exhibition and I plan to be on location both Friday and Saturday. My paintings for the exhibition were all done on location in my garden earlier this year. These are rare pieces in that most of my plein air work is done in sketchbooks and is never sold.

My on location sketches are integral to my work. They inform and underpin everything I paint. They allow an intimacy with my subject matter which, in turn, allows me the freedom to play, imagine and create in my studio.





My Plein Air Garden Paintings:


  1.                      2.                    3.


1.A Moment Ago

2. Press Pause

3. L’Heure Bleue


I hope you are able to see this exhibition and perhaps stop by for a chat and a visit Friday or Saturday. Pick up a brochure with a map from the gallery and visit every painting location for a chance to win a prize!

As always, thank you for your ongoing interest and support. I appreciate both very much.

Take care and enjoy this lovely weather. 



(posted on 17 May 2022)

Here at our home, the garden has quickly come alive with spring bulbs blooming and the Redbud and Lilac gracing us with their presence. The fragrance of both the Lilac and the Lily of the Valley immediately transport me to my childhood home and my parents’ garden. The Forget-Me-Nots popping up here and there are both a gift from and reminder of a late friend. That’s the wonderful thing about gardens. They both make memories and bring back old ones especially in Spring when we welcome back old friends such as the perennial plants, birds and the occasional raccoon, skunk or rabbit. Also here at home, the season’s local asparagus and rhubarb are making their way into our meals and treats.





Yesterday a friend and I drove to the beautiful town of Dundas in order to deliver our paintings to the Dundas Museum and Archives. The Central Ontario Art Association’s show, “Perceptions” will take place there until July 17th with the opening taking place on May 21 from 2 to 4.


And to end this newsletter some information about the Westland Gallery’s Plein Air Show.


And finally, a reminder that if you should find yourself in Bayfield, please stop into Main Street Gallery, where, along with some amazing work by Mary Philpott and others, you will find some of my paintings.


As always, thank you for your ongoing interest and support. If you no longer wish to receive these newsletters, please let me know and I will remove your name from my mailing list. Take care and happy Spring!


(posted on 13 Apr 2022)




I would like to wish all of you a Happy Easter! 

This newsletter is slightly longer than usual because I have so much good news to share.

Let me begin by telling you that the Lambeth Art Association raised $6000 to assist in the relief of the people of Ukraine. The generosity of our members and those who purchased the donated paintings is remarkable. I don’t know when I have been so proud to be a member of LAA.

The LAA Annual Show and Sale is online this year. I have two paintings in the show. It begins on April 22 at

I am excited to share that Linda and Jim Taleski, the owners of Main Street Gallery in Bayfield, stopped by for a studio visit last week and the result was that they will be showing my work in their gallery. If you are in Bayfield stop by and visit their gallery. It is a lovely place to see .




If you have been on Richmond Street here in London, you may have seen one of my paintings decorating an electrical box. The painting was one of several artists’  paintings selected by the London Arts Council to be used in this project funded by the City of London. 

A reminder that the Western division of CSPWC’s Spring Show, Renewal, is happening at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington ON, from May 7th to June 12. The Opening takes place on May 14th from 2:00 to 4:00. This show is a cash and carry event so to see all of the work best come early.

Westland Gallery has invited me to take part in a Plein Air Exhibition which will take place from June 7th to 24th. I will provide more information in my next newsletter.

And my last piece of good news is that I was invited to send a submission to the Joyner Gallery at the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre in  Niagara-on-the-Lake. Consequently I was offered a solo exhibition in July of 2023 which I was delighted to accept.

And now, at last, you may all take a collective sigh of relief. That is the end of my shameless self promotion, at least for now. Take care, get your booster, wear a mask and stay well.

Thanks, as always, for your interest and ongoing support.



(posted on 15 Mar 2022)

More hours of daylight, the return of crows and swans, guest appearance in our garden by cottontails and a skunk, snowdrops, scilla, crocuses, tulips and daffodils all poking through the soil to see if winter is really gone this time….all indications that Spring is on her way. 

In the art world Spring also means an assortment of calls to artists, and The London Artists Studio Tour. This year I am unable to open my studio but I wish all the artists good luck.


The Lambeth Art Association is fundraising for relief in Ukraine. Please visit the website and help us to help Ukraine.


The Western Region of the CSPWC is having a juried exhibition at the Royal Botanical Gardens. I have entered two paintings. Wish me luck please.


(posted on 15 Mar 2022)

At last the days are growing longer, the crows and swans have returned, the cardinal announces his ownership of our backyard, the cottontail and skunk make guest appearances and the sring blooming bulbs poke their heads out of the soil to see if winter has really left this time or if she is going to storm back and yell, ” and another thing! “ ( stole this from somewhere but just had to share as it really is perfect).

In the art world, Spring also means a flurry of hopeful calls to artists and, here in London, the Studio Tour!! I am unable to open my studio this year but wish all involved good luck.


The Lambeth art Association is fundraising to help relief efforts in Ukraine. Please visit our website and consider helping.



The Western Ontario Region of the CSPWC is holding a juried Spring show, RENEWAL, at the Royal Botanical Gardens. I have entered two paintings. wish me luck please.



I have been invited to do a presentation to the Ottawa Arteast Group later this month. I am looking forward to meeting new artists and making friends.

Finally, there is something exciting about to happen at Westland Gallery in June this year. I will tell you more in my next newsletter.

I end this newsletter by taking the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy your responses and comments. It’s wonderful that you keep in touch. Thank you.




 During the first month of this year I have been busy painting small 7”x7” watercolours, ordering some new art supplies to experiment with, starting some seeds for our garden of pots this summer and trying to figure out some new way of organizing the mountain of “stuff” that has collected in my studio during the pandemic ( so far unsuccessfully).

I have also been reading ( perhaps the reason my studio is still a mess ); Flower Diary, Molly Peacock, the life of Canadian painter Mary Hiester Reid, Art and Rivalry, Carol Bishop-Gwyn, lives of Mary and Christopher Prat, Anything But A Still Life, Nathan M. Greenfield, Molly Lamb and Bruno. 


January 2022 Watercolours


All of the watercolours were imagined with the help of my sketchbooks.


i am looking forward to entering some shows this spring and will give you the details as they become known.

One of the CSPWC shows will be held at the Royal Botanical Gardens, so as well as wonderful art, you will be able to see some fabulous gardens in bloom should you decide to attend.

I hope that you have things to look forward to, wonderful books to read, and gardens to dream into being ( even if they are just in balcony pots). Create, dream, hope and plan.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this and for your ongoing support and encouragement. 




(posted on 15 Jan 2022)

I am not sure what happened but I apologize for the  avalanche of email.


(posted on 10 Jan 2022)


When I began sending out this newsletter in 2016, it was with the intention of sending it out monthly. In 2022 I intend to return to the once monthly format. It should arrive in your mailbox on the 15th of each month.

 It was such a treat to show work in a physical location at Westland Gallery during their Square Foot Show. I was delighted to have sold two of the three paintings I entered. Thank you to the lovely people who made the purchases and a huge thank you to Karen and Al and Danielle for hosting this show.

The pandemic has caused a great many art shows and exhibitions to go online. I appreciate the effort so many have made to facilitate these exhibitions. The opportunity to share my work has been appreciated. I find, though, that I miss the energy and excitement of show openings and the chance to visit both with collectors and with other artists. I miss the immediate feedback. I miss the camaraderie. I miss the excitement of red dots.


This is a photo of my current talisman against despair. It began life as an amarylis bulb in a box, ready to be planted. When I opened the box I discovered that the bulb had already grown and formed a flower bud. It was pale greenish white and had curled around the bulb. I didn’t hold much hope but planted it any way and watched as it began to turn green and flower, albeit hanging upside down out of the pot. I cut the stem and put it into a vase of water so it had a chance to show off! Today I noticed another flower bud and stem are emerging from the bulb. Growth is so uplifting.

In spite of the box that Covid has placed many of us in, I will choose to begin to work in my studio again in the hope that opportunities to display and sell will present themselves and to prepare for my solo show in October. 

“HAPPINESS is not by chance, but by choice.” Jim Rohan  

As always, thank you for your support, your patience and for taking the time to read this. 

If you would prefer not to receive this newsletter any longer please simply send an email with the message unsubscribe.

Take care, stay healthy and create in whatever way you choose.





(posted on 17 Oct 2021)

At last I have something to tell you!

Since the pandemic began, although I have been busy working in my studio, sketching on location with Urban Sketchers and gathering inspiration on walks and country drives, there have been few real life exhibitions taking place.
Currently, I have work in one real life venue and also in two online exhibitions. I hope you will visit online and, if you are able, in person. 

The Ontario Society of Artists, a professional association of elected visual artists, is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. I am an elected member of this group and have a painting in this exhibition, an anniversary celebration. Glenhyrst is a lovely venue situated on remarkably beautiful grounds and well worth the drive to Brantford. The exhibition is taking place from October 2 to November 28.
Hours:Tues. to Fri.10am to 5pm;  Sat. And Sun. 11am to 4pm; CLOSED MONDAYS



I am an elected member of The Colour and Form Society, a group of elected visual artists living in Ontario, established in 1952. I have had two paintings juried into the CFS’s annual Open exhibition which is an online show because of the pandemic.


I am an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour and have had a painting selected for Open Water/L’Eau Claire, CSPWC’s most prestigious exhibition and one of the largest in Canada. It is open to watercolour artists from around the world. Again this year, the exhibition is online because of the pandemic. 


Locally, I have entered three paintings into Westland Gallery’s 10th Annual Square Foot Show. Many of you are familiar with this gallery located in Old South London’s Wortley Village. This show will take place both in the gallery and online.

As always, I thank you for your interest and support.

My studio is open by appointment. (Masks and proof of COVID vaccine required.)

To book an appointment, email me at

Thank you.




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